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Smålandskavlen, is in this weekend and as somebody may have noticed, will I not be running for IFK Göteborg as I have done the last couple of years. I will be running for OK Pan Århus.

I have had some really great years in IFK, a club where I felt home. I felt very welcome and everybody thought of each other. And the commitment to the big relays started early, and everybody had their to say in the prepearation. If you were in the 1st or 3th team, we sat down and talked about challenges and experiences.

But my biggest problem during the last 2 years, is that I haven't had the time to go to Göteborg, and I don't think that will change. Because of that I don't expect to get in to the 1st team, where it is really fun. That is why I took the decision to change club.

In OK Pan Århus, I can run on a team with thous i train with on daily basis and I hope to get more responsibility. I will be one of them with the more experince, and hope to get some of the more crucial legs on the big relays. But the most fun part, is the challenges to see if we can try to beat the best place ever of a danish team in Jukola or 10Mila. A big challenge, but we look forward to doing it. And together with my mates in OK Pan!

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