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The two gold medals that I won at this year's world championship unfortunately had a price: an inflamed Achilles tendon.

After the long distance it hurt quite a bit but I thought that it would quickly pass. Unfortunately it did not. At the moment I'm only running 20 minutes every second day. It is starting to get better but I do not think that I will be competing very much this fall. I'm quite eager to compete and if it goes really well I will be running the World Cup in October. I'm in the second spot for the overall World Cup at the moment and I would really like to defend that position, but I will not do it if the price will be an even more inflamed tendon. The winter training is more important and WOC 2016 is the most important competition within the next year.

Now I try to see my season as ended and every competition that I run will just be a bonus. I really hope that the World Cup will be my bonus for being patient and sensible.  

The danish competition season starts this weekend with Nordjysk 2-dages where I was supposed to race for the first time in 2 months. Unfortunately I'm not going to start at the races. I've got some inflammation in a bursa at the Achilles tendon. I've had problems with it before and now I've got a injection with adrenal cortex hormones, which hopefully it will fight the inflammation. In 1½ week I should be able to run as much as I usually do. I try to see this 1½ week of rest as an investment in the next few months where I hopefully will be able to run at full again, and without any paints. But it is quite boring to be at home when I know that all the other danes are competing in a nice terrain this weekend. I will just look really much forward to Danish Spring instead!  

I'm happy to announce that Combineering is now sponsoring me. 


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