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I had my first week in a long time with 7 hours of running. It's some but I miss those days where I could run 13 hours on a training camp


I have spent the last week in Portugal with the national team. It wasn't as sunny and warm as I had hoped but it was definitely better than in Denmark. After a long delay in Denmark and a night in Amsterdam we finaly came to Sao Pedro de Moel.

In this training camp I have focused a lot on middle distance and I ran 3 competition-like middeldistances. Since we are not that many girls in the national team, I tried to challenge the boys. We had a bet about me being more or less than 10 % after the boys on a middle distance. Appently my shape wasn't that good (or the boys were really fast), so I had to give 15 minutes of massage to 3 of them. The massage-bet was making me more excited about the “competition”, so perhaps I will try it again (maybe I should try 12 or 15 % instead).

I am not going to run the world cup in Turkey or Spain so I don't have any big competitions before EOC. Danish spring will be the test before EOC.

I haven't been running very much this winther due to my weak achilles. In stead I have done a lot of strenght training and some alternative training. I hope it will make up for my missing running training. I guess I will figure that out at the European champs.

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