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I have laid low for a while and thought it was time for an update. Things haven't gone as I hoped the past 6 months. Right now I haven't been able to run for 4 months because of stress fractures in both feet. My motivation has been very low because no one have been able to tell me when I can start running again. But hopefully there is some light ahead because I did a ct scan yesterday to see if the bones have healed. So I'm really looking forward to get the result wedensday and hopefully have my first run for a loooong time.

Being injured gives you time to do things a bit differently. I still went to New Zealand for the World Cup. I really enjoyed that 4 week holiday where I experienced the country and helped a bit with the WCs without worrying about training. Also I went to Portugal with the team and enjoyed a warmer climate compared to Denmark. I was able to do a little training in Portugal so I'm building myself up to when I can run again ;)

Hope to see you all soon to some competitions

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