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Monday I had my last lecture of this semester and my exams are on the 26th and 27th of June, so right now I have plenty of time. In my study group we dicided that we will start to read the 17th. That means I have 1½ week holiday and I can focus all my energy on training :)

I'm on my sixth week of running and everything is going as planned. The last two weeks I have troubled a bit with minor pain in one knee and foot. It's nothing serious, just a result of me not being used to run. I'm feeling light almost every time I run, so it really awesome to run in the beautiful forest. I just have to be careful not to run too fast ;) It can be a problem sometimes, that's just positive. I'm in a fase were I try to build myself up to handle higher training volume, and my motivation is high, so these two weeks is perfect for me to get a good training period. It has been a while since last.

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