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My competition season started 2½ weeks ago and is soon over but I have managed to get some nice results. My first competition this year was the Danish Championship in relay where I ran the first leg for my new club OK Pan Århus. The whole team did excellent and we won a clear gold medal

I was trusted with the first leg on our team and I was really excited. It was my first competition in a very long time. I had no idea how my physical og technical shape would be. Before the race I planned on trying to keep pace with the front and concentrate on my orienteering. If I felt strong in the end I would try to break away. The race didn't even went nearly as planned. I took the front from the beginning and only a few followed my closely after the few first controls, and then when I maybe had a shorter forking I was totally alone in front. I knew I was first so I just tried to push hard and focus on the orienteering. I did a really great race with maybe only 1-2 small mistakes so I was really satisfied. When I finished I was really happy because my body had been great and the orienteering worked well and I actually ran the 2nd fastest time overall. I gave my team mates a good position which they defended perfectly and we had a margin of more than 5min to the next team..


Danish Champion for Clubs: This weekend I ran the Danish Championship for clubs and that was not a succes. It was a nice and fast terrain which I didn't manage at all. I think I have forgot how to run in these kind of terrins. When I'm looking on the map I almost ran straight on every leg(sorry for the missing routechoices) and that isn't always the best in this terrain. My biggest mistake was on control 12th where I did like a 3min mistake. I didn't understood the map and was careful enough in how I attacked the control, so I got lost in the green where I found a lot of things I would have put on the map. I ended up going back to the yellow before I 'walked' into the control. But that was not my only problem that day. I guess I focused to much on running fast and forgot to actually find my way, which resulted in a lot of small mistakes near the controls and I guess I have lost a total of 5min. That's way to much in this kind of terrain and I ended up getting beated by some 'old' stars which I should have beaten. I guess I'm not comfortable enough with my pace at the moment to focus on orienteering in that kind of terrain. But that will come for sure. So I learned a lot from the mistakes I did.

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