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Here a small week after EOC ended it's time to sum it all up. I didn't manage to fulfill my goals for this championships so I feel dissappointed. I know that I could have done better on every distance and that is kind of frustrating. But I have to remember that it was my first championship since WOC 2012 so it was positive to see that I was so strong after almost 1½ years of injury. That has to be the highlight of my week in Portugal.


Sprint Final: I was really excited before this race. It was my main goal in this championships. My goal was to be in top 12 but I really hoped I could do better and maybe take a top 8. I had spent a lot of time in the city so I really knew what to expect. I had especially focused on what would come in the beginning of the race and train myself to see the best route choices. When I flipped the map I instantly knew what to do and I really found a nice flow in my orienteering. I was really focused and didn't hesitated in my choice of route. Everything went well until control no. 8. On the splittimes I can see that I'm in the lead at control no. 8 but I chose a bad route to the 9th control. At this point I kind of forgot everything I had prepared on because it is so clear to me know that you should go left. I lost 9sec on this short leg and lost the lead. The next 2 controls was kind of a surprise for me. In our preparations we were really sure that we couldn't go up to the castle with the amount of climbing they had written. So I hadn't looked at the map in that area. So when I was running towards the 10th control I was really stressing to see if there was another entrance than the tunnel. I didn't see any but this surprise had thrown me out of my flow. This resulted in a bad time at control 11 because I tried to look for the best route to the 12th control. I never found another way out than the tunnel I already knew. Now I can see that there was a way better alternative and I lost 14sec on my bad route choice. So on 2 bad route choices I lost 23sec. The rest of the course was really good because I really knew how to handle it. I took the right route choices(except on the football field) and I gave it all I had. When I finished I was really happy about my performance(I didn't knew I had taken bad route choices) and to see that I was so close to the podium with a 14th place after almost 2 years absence. But now I have another feeling. That day I had the speed to take a medal and I din't took the chance. If we for fun say that I could have run the same time as the fastest on my 2 bad routes I would have had a silver medal today :(


Middle Final: The middle distance final was the morning after my sprint final and I could feel that in my body. I hadn't slept really well and felt a bit tired. Because of all the troubles with the qualification I had to start rather early. I wasn't as excited as I had been before the sprint and it didn't help that I had a serious pain in my stomach. I tried to focus on the race I was about to do. I was prepared that it would feel tough to keep the pace that was needed for so long. I said to myself that I had to keep pushing. Towards the first control I saw that there in some parts already was a huge track to guide my in the right direction. I tried to focus on the map and compas. I ran well to the 2 first controls but on the 3rd I did a big mistake. It was so stupid. I knew that this was a control were I needed to be careful but I didn't. So I lost around 30sec. I tried to go on and keep fighting but after the climb to the 5th control my body really hurt and I felt so tired. At this point I could really feel the sprint and I knew that this wasn't even close to fast enough. Mentally I was struggeling but I decided to keep pushing and focussing on my technique and hope it would start to feel better. It never felt light and I was heavy the rest of the course. I did some small mistakes maybe because I was tired and fighting to keep a decent pace. When you're struggeling with the pace it isn't fun to see that a huge part of the couse was just running because I had huge tracks. I can imagine that the last runners almost didn't need to read the map in most of the course so you never had a chance with an early start. For me it was really dissappointing to really fail on all parameters this day. A 45th place is way under my level on a normal day, just so frustrating that I didn't showed it when it mattered.

Relay: After a needed restday my body was ready to perform again. I was ready to try and take control out in the forest on my leg. I was running the first leg on the danish team. We should try and be very offencive in our races and try to follow the best teams as long as we could. I managed to take control in the beginning of the race where I took the lead on the way to the first control and was the first on my forking on the 3rd control. I was really in control and felt good. I was really surprised when I came to the 5th control which was the same for everybody because I suddently saw some teams 200m in front of me and I had run good. The only decisive mistake I did was on the long leg to control 8. I took a really stupid route choice. I was running with Tranchand and Rollier. Tranchand went a bit left and Rollier took the path. All by myself I took a more direct variant and lost maybe 15-20sec. It was a gap I never managed to close. I'm angry at myself for that choice I made out in the forest. I should never run like I did and especially not when you are in a group as you should be. I kind of feel like I led the team down.

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