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The training new year has come so it is time to sum up the season. And what a season this has been for me. Who would have thought that I would be the Sprint World Champion, not me.! 

It seems like everything has gone great this season and I think I deserved and needed that. I have had som many problems the last couple of years. After a really long break in 2012/13 I started all over in May 2013 where I could start run again. Since then I have been more structured and strict with my training and I think this is one of the reasons for my succes. But what does it take to become a World Champion.

For me it 'only' took 91h of running in 2013 and 167h of running in 2014 before the World Championships. So in total I ran 258h of running after having a break for about 6months with no running. Of course I have done some strenght and mainly crosstrainer alongside but it is quite interesting how little running I needed when you hear about people who run maybe 600h a year. I can't run that many hours. My bones would simply fall apart :( This is a big concern for me because I have a dream of medals on middle and longdistance aswell. So is my running hours enough for this? I wouldn't think it is but maybe I can do it. I think the last few months has showned that I'm much stronger on middle and long than I thought. My 3rd place in World Cup final really surprised me. I knew I was in good shape but not that good and then in Scotland where I managed a 8th position after a long and though training camp. So these past months has given me hope and motivation to train hard and keep dreaming.

I have tried to sum up my last two season in some key numbers of training. Then you can see how 'little' I train and compare with others.


  2013 2014
Running  91:06    246:24 
Alternative    241:47    181:52
Strenght 50:48  70:15
Total  383:38  499:41 

As I mentioned I'm really motivated at the moment to continue my training and get even better. Until Christmas I'll be a part of Tue Lassen's training project so I'll be following the plan he has made for me. Hopefully I'll be in good shape for the World Cup on Tasmania in the beginning of January. I really look forward to go there for the races and get the opportunity to get away from the winter.

See you next season.!

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