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Finally, I can call me this years champion of WinterCup here in Aarhus. It has been my motivator through the winter and I have tried to push hard most of the stages. Every stage I knew that I had to make a top performance both physically and technically to get a top5 place after the handicap. I only succeeded a few times to be in top5 because of the handicap system and there were suspence until the final stage were I ran a good race a secured the victory.! For me it has been extra helpful when Tue Lassen also competed because I think we were able to push each other to get the best running time. With him at start it has been much easier to psych myself into the right mental state when you will perform at your max.

I have uploaded all my maps here

Last week I was on the anual training camp in Portugal with the national team. This year we went to São Pedro de Moel 1½h north of Lisboa. Since last summer we have decided to focus more specifically on a few distances for each athlete which means that we are running more trainings made for that distance. It also means a more divided national team. Because of my past problems with my feet and my current problem with my leg I'm focussing mostly on sprint this year, but I also hope to run middle distance at both EOC and WOC. So many of my trainings were sprint trainings and we did a lot of cool and difficult ones. I had the feeling that for each sprint we ran my body felt lighter and lighter but I was still far behind Rasmus Thrane. He was just much better at choosing the right routechoices which means that I have a huge job to do before the championships. I'm feeling very motivated to do what's needed because I can easily see how much Thrane has improved.

Last stage of the Winter Cup was held in the basement under Skejby University Hospital. The course was very technical and I did a lot of mistakes and didn't manage to get a good feeling of the map. This resulted in a position as 3rd last after the handicap, that's not quite what I'm use to. I ran with GoPro so you can see some of my race and get a feeling of how difficult it was and get a laugh when you see my mistakes.


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