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It has been a long time since anything has happened here. So I just wanted to give an update to what is going on here in Aarhus. Every winter we have a very prestigious cup called 'Vintercup'. It's a series of races where everyone from the club has a chance to win. The reason for this is that we use a sophisticated(read subjective) handicap system based on peoples level. For me this means I have 105 that is I get 5% added to my running time before the final result. New runners might have a handicap of 50 or so. We strive to have winning times around 15-20min so this is truly for all. It is some really fun races and it is even more fun because I'm in the overall lead halfway through the series. I have this as a goal and a motivation through the winter training so I don't forget what it is like to compete and be at your best when you want. I also think it is good to try to orienteer in 'overspeed' sometimes and coop with these challenges.

To see the first half of the stages look here

Stage 2

Next race is on Tuesday where we are running sprint in the basement under the university hospital here in Aarhus. Think this will be very exciting and new so I'm really looking forward to this.

Last weekend I ran my first and last World cup round this season. I travelled to Baden with the rest of the team thursday to be ready for a mix sprint relay friday, middledistance saturday and for me a longdistance sunday.

My competition season started 2½ weeks ago and is soon over but I have managed to get some nice results. My first competition this year was the Danish Championship in relay where I ran the first leg for my new club OK Pan Århus. The whole team did excellent and we won a clear gold medal

I was trusted with the first leg on our team and I was really excited. It was my first competition in a very long time. I had no idea how my physical og technical shape would be. Before the race I planned on trying to keep pace with the front and concentrate on my orienteering. If I felt strong in the end I would try to break away. The race didn't even went nearly as planned. I took the front from the beginning and only a few followed my closely after the few first controls, and then when I maybe had a shorter forking I was totally alone in front. I knew I was first so I just tried to push hard and focus on the orienteering. I did a really great race with maybe only 1-2 small mistakes so I was really satisfied. When I finished I was really happy because my body had been great and the orienteering worked well and I actually ran the 2nd fastest time overall. I gave my team mates a good position which they defended perfectly and we had a margin of more than 5min to the next team..


Danish Champion for Clubs: This weekend I ran the Danish Championship for clubs and that was not a succes. It was a nice and fast terrain which I didn't manage at all. I think I have forgot how to run in these kind of terrins. When I'm looking on the map I almost ran straight on every leg(sorry for the missing routechoices) and that isn't always the best in this terrain. My biggest mistake was on control 12th where I did like a 3min mistake. I didn't understood the map and was careful enough in how I attacked the control, so I got lost in the green where I found a lot of things I would have put on the map. I ended up going back to the yellow before I 'walked' into the control. But that was not my only problem that day. I guess I focused to much on running fast and forgot to actually find my way, which resulted in a lot of small mistakes near the controls and I guess I have lost a total of 5min. That's way to much in this kind of terrain and I ended up getting beated by some 'old' stars which I should have beaten. I guess I'm not comfortable enough with my pace at the moment to focus on orienteering in that kind of terrain. But that will come for sure. So I learned a lot from the mistakes I did.

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