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The headline says it all. After I have waited 6½ month the day finally arrived where I could put on my running shoes and do what I love the most. Today I got the results from my latest CT scan and they concluded that it had healed enough. The first thing I did when I got home from the university was to go for a run we two of my roommates. I ran whole 5min :) It was better than the best ... You know what I mean.! Now I have the biggest smile on my face and I really have to be patient. Soon I'll be back in the forest.

Yesterday I got the result from my CT scan. Unfortunately it wasn't as I hoped. There is still a clear fracture in my right foot. The left seems like it's almost healed completely. So there's still no running for me :( It is starting to get really frustrating not knowing when I can run and how we can avoid this again. But it's nice to know that I have a lot of competent people around me and also sensing that this really bothers them aswell. So we are really starting to put more pressure on finding the right solution for me and my feet. 

I have laid low for a while and thought it was time for an update. Things haven't gone as I hoped the past 6 months. Right now I haven't been able to run for 4 months because of stress fractures in both feet. My motivation has been very low because no one have been able to tell me when I can start running again. But hopefully there is some light ahead because I did a ct scan yesterday to see if the bones have healed. So I'm really looking forward to get the result wedensday and hopefully have my first run for a loooong time.

Being injured gives you time to do things a bit differently. I still went to New Zealand for the World Cup. I really enjoyed that 4 week holiday where I experienced the country and helped a bit with the WCs without worrying about training. Also I went to Portugal with the team and enjoyed a warmer climate compared to Denmark. I was able to do a little training in Portugal so I'm building myself up to when I can run again ;)

Hope to see you all soon to some competitions

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