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6 days is what is left before this years World Championship begins in Italy. Later today I'll travel to Italy to do the last preparation before it all starts. There is not much training left to do so the focus will be on the technical preparation and to find the last percentage physically that hopefully will give me what I need to make some good results. My training has gone well since EOC and I feel in great shape so I have high expectations. Unfortunately I'm only running one individual race and two relays but I'm really looking forward to these competitions. I am well prepared and know that we can do great on the relays and I have what it takes to make a top performance on the sprint.

With only three competition days my schedule looks like this:

Saturday 5th July - Sprint Qualification and Final

Monday 7th July - Mix Sprint Relay

Saturday 12th July - Relay


My goal is a Top8 on the sprint, a medal in the Mix Sprint Relay and a Top6 in the normal Relay. It is possible to follow me on the organizers webpage.

Until the 5th I'll hopefully get to enjoy the amazing nature around Lavarone and Asiago :)

See you in Italy.!

The past week I spent i Finland were I first ran the World Cup Sprint, the unofficial Mix Sprint Relay and finally the prestigious Jukola relay. I had some good and bad races and it all ended up with a 12th place in the sprint, gold in Mix relay and a 4th place in Jukola with Halden.

Here a small week after EOC ended it's time to sum it all up. I didn't manage to fulfill my goals for this championships so I feel dissappointed. I know that I could have done better on every distance and that is kind of frustrating. But I have to remember that it was my first championship since WOC 2012 so it was positive to see that I was so strong after almost 1½ years of injury. That has to be the highlight of my week in Portugal.

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